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If you're looking for guidance in establishing and maintaining a powerful content marketing strategy, work on your Content Marketing Hurricane!

Disparate Forces

The foundation of your unique story and why you’re the only one who can tell it! This is the basis of your Content Marketing Hurricane.

Expert Status

How to choose your niche and establish a platform for thought leadership.

Content Creation

Creating content is an ongoing balance of quality and quantity. Learn how to make it sustainable and scalable.

Scaling the Hurricane

Once you’ve built your Content Marketing Hurricane, you need to know how to keep it going without going insane!


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I’d recommend this to marketers at all levels.

Whether you are brand new to content marketing or an old pro, you’ll get value out of this book.

First and foremost, this book is written for small business and start-up marketers. Big budget and years of expertise not required. Novices will love it because The Content Marketing Hurricane can teach anyone to build a successful content marketing strategy from scratch.


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  • Introduction
  • Disparate Forces
  • Tropical Disturbance
  • Tropical Depression
  • Hurricane

The formation of a hurricane

To set the stage, let’s review why a hurricane is such a perfect metaphor for a successful content marketing strategy.

Disparate Forces

When it first begins to take shape, a hurricane is really just a simple thunderstorm out in the middle of the ocean. No one notices it. It’s not accomplishing anything of value. It just… is.

But what’s unique about this thunderstorm is that it’s formed in the midst of perfect conditions: the air temperature, the water temperature, the prevailing winds, the barometric pressure, all of these disparate forces are ripe to feed off each other.

And so the thunderstorm grows.

Tropical Disturbance

As the exchange of pressure, temperature and moisture continues to intensify, winds pick up and the storm begins spinning slowly around a central eye.

At this point, trained meteorologists who have nothing better to do than to watch the radar screens for this kind of thing notice something’s going on out in the ocean. They’re certainly not concerned about it yet. But they know it could turn into something, so they keep their eyes on it.

And around this time, the growing storm starts riding the jet stream toward land.

Tropical Depression

The storm continues to grow in speed and intensity.

At this point, any meteorologist who isn’t living under a rock knows what’s going on and they’re even reporting it to viewers at home.

This storm now has a name.

People on the mainland aren’t too concerned yet. It’s just a bad storm. Some folks who live on islands closer to where it’s forming are battening down the hatches, though.

Although it’s not too big of a deal yet, it’s made a name for itself, and it’s starting to provoke action.

Tropical Cyclone (Hurricane)

Speeds have finally reached hurricane level and that tropical depression is about to make landfall. At this point, everyone is taking action: they’re boarding up windows, evacuating coastal areas, and it’s on their minds even when they’re not watching the news!

As the storm works its way toward land, everyone is paying attention and is ready to drop everything and act at a moment’s notice.

When it finally makes landfall, well… things will never quite be the same will they?

The formation of a Content Marketing Hurricane

Like a real hurricane, an effective content marketing strategy starts out small and seemingly insignificant. But, with the right combination of “disparate forces” – which we’ll discuss in the next section – that strategy starts to build. Each piece of content adds to the building intensity and power of this “storm”, and it starts heading toward “land” where the target market resides.

Along the way, with consistent effort, it keeps on picking up steam. First professionals who work in the industry take notice of what’s going on, but pretty soon everyone in the target market has to pay attention because this thing’s coming right for them!

Finally, when it makes “landfall”, that target market absolutely must take action because the combined power of all that strategically planned and skillfully produced content is simply overwhelming.

About Justin P Lambert

About the Author

Justin P Lambert is a content marketing specialist, copywriter, and communications consultant who’s been writing professionally since 2003. He’s helped dozens of individuals and companies devise marketing strategies to identify their unique story and share it with their target audience.

He currently works with the globally recognized ecommerce marketing company, Gorilla Group (a Wunderman Commerce company), and with select consulting and writing clients. He’s accepting select speaking engagements as well.

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