I’d recommend this to marketers at all levels.

Whether you are brand new to content marketing or an old pro, you’ll get value out of this book.

First and foremost, this book is written for small business and start-up marketers. Big budget and years of expertise not required. Novices will love it because The Content Marketing Hurricane can teach anyone to build a successful content marketing strategy from scratch.

To drive home points, the author uses brilliant weather analogies. Each step in developing and distributing content parallels the stages a storm advances through as it accelerates into a hurricane. There are also practical exercises to complete at the end of the sections. They help readers get to grip with the “disparate forces”, or critical elements, that form the basis of one’s content marketing hurricane.

Experienced marketing professionals who buy the book are likely to recognize value in one of two ways. On one hand, observant marketing directors may realize that their team isn’t operating as effectively as it might. This book could act as a template to shore up the content marketing process in-house by reinforcing the basics.

On the other hand, a marketer might be well aware of best practice but find themselves struggling with the consistent effort content marketing requires. Lucky for them, section one addresses this.

I’ve read a ridiculous number of content marketing books, blogs and articles in my time. Maybe you have, too. One thing’s for sure, I have never seen any other author discuss how your upbringing and childhood impacts your content marketing ability. It was a huge lightbulb moment for me. In my opinion, this is what makes the book stand out against other marketing texts and what gives it best-seller potential.

Content marketing pros may argue that there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking in sections two, three and four. I can tell you what is there, distills down a huge amount of information and wisdom into a manageable, easy to read format. It discusses the merits of different content types, publishing channels, digital tools and tactics. There is certainly enough detail to get novices pointed in the right direction.

Don’t just take my word for it. Buy this book now. See how good it is for yourself. It’ll inspire you to start whipping up your own content marketing storm today!

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